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About Us



Thank You again for choosing MITSI Parts Auckland We are your local Trusted Kiwi business Since 2001.


We are an Independent Trusted local business, we have been supplying, wrecking and repairing motor vehicles & trucks since 2001 we provide a honest service with friendly customer experience.

we have more then 20 years experience in cars and trucks our mechanics a fully qualified and we are MTA assured.

so you can count on us for a fantastic services and a reliable mechanic

Our Mission

  • To be the best in the business at what we do.
  • To be more than just a parts finding business.
  • To build enduring relationships.
  • To provide leading edge technology solutions.

Our Core Values

  • To conduct business in a manner that promotes a high quality of service and professionalism.
  • To act with respect and integrity.
  • To respect our users’ and our associates’ needs and value being open and honest.
  • To act fairly and responsibly in respect of confidentiality.
  • To provide excellent service and communicate effectively.
  • To encourage feed-back aimed at enhancing our service and maintaining exceptionally high standards.

Refund policy

Choose carefully as we do not refund if you change your mind. If the goods are faulty we will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Warranty policy and conditions

Mitsubishi Parts Auckland advises all parts such as ( engines, transmissions, electrical parts, and anything that is under our warranty agreement needs to be fitted by a qualified mechanic or a workshop to validated the warranty.

in case it was not installed by a qualified mechanic or a workshop this will automatically void the warranty given and the part will not be refunded.

all engines once fitted must have the cam belt done and also flush the radiator to make sure in such events the radiator is not blocked that way it will not cause the head gasket to crack.

if the buyer was to modify the part or open or change anything this will automatically void the warranty.

Sending parts back as they are faulty  will go threw a process of diagnose by our assigned  team of expertise to verify the problem.  If part  is damaged by customer they will be charged the assessment fee of $60 if part is indeed faulty we will replace as soon as possible.

Shipping and Parts policy

Mitsubishi Parts Auckland Has up to 14 business days to deliver or present Parts From where payment has been made.  by agreeing to use our services this deems to accept our polices and terms and conditions.


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